Beatrice Hospitalists

Patients at Beatrice Community Hospital will soon be able to have expert physician care around the clock.

Starting on Monday the Beatrice Hospital will be introducing a new program that will employ four full time hospitalists.

A hospitalists job is to take over care from the patients primary doctor from the point at which a patient needs to be admitted into the hospital.

Originally in Beatrice your primary family doctor would continue to care for you, even if you were admitted into the hospital.

Director of the hospitalists program says the goal of bringing this to Beatrice is to decrease the amount of patients that are being sent out of town to hospitals when care can be given locally.

The real goal of having a hospitalist program in Beatrice is to provide more comprehensive service globally for the medical community…for the community here who has needs.

Dr. Jenkin also says being a hospitalist is the fastest growing medical speciality and that Beatrice is lucky to have such a great program at their hospital.

The hospitals chief nursing officer says the response from residents has been very positive about bringing a program like this to Beatrice.

Hospital officials say having hospitalists will be the best of both worlds, allowing family practice doctors to deal with out-patient care and the new hospitalists to provide the best in-patient care they can.

Jenkin said overal this is a great program for the residents of Beatrice and all the surrounding towns it will affect.

The new program is set to start on Monday with three doctors already employeed and one more to be added soon.

These hospitalists will each be working 24-hours shifts at a time.