Beaver Crossing church helped 20 in storm

By: Hannah Paczkowski
 Glass covers the floor of a Sunday school room, roof shingles are falling apart, and what once held a steeple is now empty. The United Methodist Church in Beaver Crossing still stands after an EF3 tornado ripped through the town.

“I saw parishioners and community people rushing into the church,” pastor Tamara Holtz said.

More than 20 people huddled in the basement of the church as a shelter the night of the storm, praying that the building wouldn’t collapse. Thankfully, the church was not severely damaged, and no one was hurt.

The rest of the town still suffers a few days later, cleaning up the mess the tornado left behind.

“It just kind of looks like a bomb went off,” Glen Holtz said.

People from Kansas, Missouri and several parts of Nebraska are doing what they can for Beaver Crossing. Nebraska Wheat is trying to make life a little sweeter, they’re baking free cinnamon rolls.

“For us to say people need help and we have the ability to help, we felt like we needed to. I think that’s just part of being a Nebraskan,” Caroline Brauer said.

Nebraskans helping Nebraskans, through shelter, clean up, and even a home-cooked meal, a bit of happiness during this time of great loss.

“It just makes me really grateful for people coming in and helping. This is the most excitement we’ve had on Main Street for years,” Tamara said.

There are a few other fundraisers for people in Beaver Crossing. One man selling duck calls is donating all proceeds to Beaver Crossing. For information, go to