Bedbugs found in UNL Building

Although many students at UNL have gone home for the summer, a new resident was found in one office building.  Nebraska hall isn't a hotel or a place where travelers pass through. It is however home to some of the University's engineering offices, and how the bugs made it there is still unknown. Kelly Bartling with University Communications says the third floor of Nebraska Hall isn't exactly a common place to find these pests.

“You would think that given a University setting that we're in that we would see this commonly, well we don't. This is the first that we've seen a situation where we have a report of bedbugs in an office setting,” Bartling said.

Bartling says no classes had to be canceled and the area has been treated.  She says staying informed about the bugs can help prevent their presence all together.  “I know I don't know what a bedbug looks like and the idea of it is kind of overwhelming and daunting so I think the more people can inform themselves about what they look like, how you treat them, then the more in control they feel over the situation,” Bartling said.

Workers had the day off so the problem area could be treated and they will return to work on Monday.  

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