Bellevue couple killed in Texas shooting remembered

Bob and Shani Corrigan were members of Chandler Acres Baptist Church, in Bellevue, before they moved to Texas. The couple were among the victims whose lives were taken by a gunman in Texas church, Sunday morning.

Their former Pastor Dan Wills of Bellevue remembers them fondly and is shaken by their loss.

"When I head what happened, I called both their numbers and neither answered," said Wills.

He was hoping the worst hadn’t happened, but his fears were soon realized. Bob and Shani Corrigan were among the 26 killed.

Willis says, "When you lose a family member it hurts, and we will miss them."

Wills says the Corrigan’s were active members of the church for the three years they were there.

He said they were passionate about helping the church and loved their family.

"They were grandparents, they were parents, and man I’ll tell you this, they were great parents–really loved their grandchildren," said Willis.

Wills says the loss is a tremendous one.

He said, "They were great people."

Willis says they have been getting phone calls from members of the church offering helping, and they’re working on a plan to aid the victims of Sunday’s mass shooting. He said, Tragedies like these are a reminder of how precious life is.

Pastor Wills said, "One thing I learned, don’t pass the day up without telling your family you love them."

The Corrigan’s may be lost, but not forgotten.

"They left a legacy, and it’s a good one," added Wills.

Wills says he hopes to get started on fundraisers for the family and those affected by the shooting.

There is a GoFundMe page that we have provided a link to below.