Belmont community reacts to latest arson arrest

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Some members of the Belmont community are resting a bit easier after the city’s latest arrest.

Lincoln police believe they found the man responsible for the area’s most recent arson at the Pet Care Center near 14th and Adams.

The surveillance video helped LPD nab the suspect.

Employees learned the news Wednesday morning.

"They stopped by and said we got him, so there were a lot cheers and happy people,” Pet Care Center Veterinarian Dr. Amy Walton said.

There have been six arson cases in the neighborhood since last October.

The Belmont church and the Aspen Haus are some of the places that have been hit.

Some of them were targeted twice.

Residents said these cases along with some of the other crime in Belmont are bit unnerving.

"I think it’s pretty crazy. It’s really scary too especially because it’s all over here by our house. So, we’ve just been super cautious,” Neighbor Jessica Ramaekers said.

While police are unsure if this suspect is connected to the other five cases, some people said it’s a relief.

"I don’t know if there are so much thoughts, just feelings. It’s been a huge relief. I think I could probably speak for the whole neighborhood. It feels good to have a suspect caught,” Walton said.

Also, some other good news, no people or animals were hurt in any of the arson cases.