Best Buy Helps with DTV Transition

The FCC estimates that 3.3 million households nationwide are unprepared for the switch to digital on June 12th..

For some much needed back-up, they've called in the Geek Squad.

Best Buy is not only answering people's questions over the phone, they're now making house calls!

Free of charge, a member of Best Buy's crew will actually come to your home and connect your DTV converter box for you.  All you need is the box, which runs about $50 unless you have a coupon and an antenna, and then Geek Squad will do the rest.

“We're going to your house setting it up for you, showing you how to use it, and integrating it with everything already in your house,” said Joseph Daniels with the Best Buy Geek Squad.

Best Buy said they've been responding to calls in 31 different states, but they say the service is meant for those who are unable to install the converter box themselves.

The FCC is focused on reaching low income and non-English speaking consumers, senior citizens and consumers with disabilities.

“It's pretty easy if you know a little bit about VCR's and antennas stuff like that but the people that are getting this stuff done is the older generation so they're not that savvy with that stuff,” said Daniels.

If you need some help and you don't fall under any of those prerequisites, Geek Squad will still come to your house for a fee.

Again, if you have cable or a newer television, you're already ready for the transition.

If you would like more information on the Geek Squads services you can visit