Best Gas Deals At Local Gas Stations

The average price of a gallon of gas in Lincoln is about 2-dollars and 13 cents. That's up more than 20-cents from just one month ago. And with prices still going up, drivers are figuring out ways to get the cheapest gas possible. All over the nation, the scene is the same, drivers watching their wallets empty as their gas tanks fill. And the prices show no signs of going down anytime soon. So more and more, drivers are turning to websites to find the cheapest gas in town. On lincoln-gas-prices-dot-com, people post the cheapest prices they've found, and they're ranked according to price. On Saturday, the site lists the Conoco station on 27th and Dudley as the cheapest, so customers say they're willing to drive a little further for the savings. Here at channel 8, we've decided we'd like to help you stay on top of the cheapest gas prices in the area. If you see a good price on gas when you're out and about, email us at . We'll keep you posted on what we find out.