Bicyclist peddles wrong way down street, refuses to comply

Posted by: Morning Newsroom

A man is put in jail, lucky to be alive Tuesday morning after police say he rode his bike down South Street near 14th, into oncoming traffic.

The incident happened around 12 A.M. Police say 22–year–old Joshua Clinkenbeard was riding the wrong way down the middle of South Street on his bicycle. He was peddling east down the street in the west bound lane. Police say Clinkenbeard was riding into oncoming traffic.

To make matters worse, they say he didn't have a light on his bike.

Police officials say officers tried to stop the biker but he resisted. Multiple officers showed up on the scene.

Shortly after, they had Clinkenbeard in custody. No one was injured during the incident. Police arrested Clinkenbeard for resisting arrest and failure to comply.

No word on why he chose to ride his bike down the wrong side of the road.