Big raise could be coming for future Mayor

A  committee thinks it's about time for the mayor of Lincoln to get a raise to $100,000 by 2013. The last raise for the city's chief executive was in 2001, when the salary went to nearly $75,000.

Two members of the nine committee members were appointed by Beutler and the rest were appointed by the county who were also reviewing county salaries.   A city charter requires a committee to review salaries every four years, according to the mayor's office.  The charter prevents a current city mayor from getting a raise.  Mayor Beutler would have to be re-elected to get the raise. 

The committee voted Wednesday to recommend that the City Council raise the mayoral salary to $90,000 next year and add 11 percent more in 2013 to around $100,000.

The mayor's chief of staff, Rick Hoppe asked the committee not to make any raise effective until May 2012, in light of the tough budget years ahead.

The committee refused.  The committee also is recommending that City Council members' pay remain unchanged at $24,000. The members' last raise was in 2005, when the figure was doubled.

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