NBA star comes to Railyard

Posted by: Laurann Robinson

In May, the Railyard announced its deal with a new restaurant, BurgerFi.

It's an upscale fast food burger joint, and with it, comes NBA star, Mike Miller.

The owner of the newest addition to the Railyard district has already made a name for himself in a totally separate career.

"We're very fortunate. our ownership involves some NBA players. The main owner is Mike Miller, last year he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers. So he's going to be here with some friends," said Chief Operations Officer, David Rodriquez.

After his introduction to Lincoln, Miller decided to open his place right here in husker country.

Tessa Warner, Sales and Business Manager with the Railyard says, "he's a basketball guy, so he loves the proximity to the arena, and he loves the Railyard and so we're really excited to host him."

The restaurant, BurgerFi is a Florida–based burger chain that specializes in organic, natural beef at a fast food time stamp.

Expected to open the first week of September, it'll be the first in Nebraska, and will be taking the spot of the old Jack & June location… adding to the already diverse atmosphere.

"What I love about the Railyard is the wide variety that you get here. You can get your burgers and wings at Buffalo Wings & Rings. You can get kind of more upscale food at Gate 25. You can go to Longwell's and get barbeque," adds Warner.

In addition to the restaurants, the Railyard has hosted a variety of activities this summer, including the final installment of a six–week movie series.

Ending with a showing of Casablanca tomorrow evening… but the fun doesn't stop there.

Warner says, "it's just been a really fun summer. We have the beach bash coming up too, which is a trop–rock music festival. And a lot of other fun events in August. But we're definitely ready for football as well."

If you're interested in attending the Casablanca showing at the Railyard, it starts tomorrow evening at 7 pm.

And best of all, there's no charge to enter the movie.