Bill may let same sex couples adopt children

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

A bill currently in the legislature could change a ban in Nebraska that doesn’t allow gay or unmarried couples to adopt or foster children.

Bill number 380 reads in part “Any minor child may be adopted by any adult person or two person jointly, regardless of their marital status.”

Todd Vesely and Joel Busch want to become parents but so far they say they’ve been denied the chance to foster kids, despite passing a background check, parenting classes and home studies. All because they are gay.

Vesely said, “I don’t think it should be an issue if you’re a gay couple, a straight couple, as long as you pass the background checks you go through the required process to foster or adopt then as long as you pass all that it shouldn’t be an issue.”

Joe Neuhaus from Nebraska family alliance is against the bill.

“I think it’s ideal if children are raised in a home with a mother or father. We just believe that its not good public policy to have it be any two adults in the state.”

Back in the 1990’s the Nebraska Department of Social Services put out a memo against foster care licenses for, “People who identify themselves as homosexuals or unrelated unmarried adults residing together.”

But Busch says he doesn’t understand why people would want to keep children away from a loving home.

“Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we don’t know how to take care of kids or how to love kids or how to provide for kids we have a home a great home to bring kids into to bring a family of kids into.”

So far the bill is still in committee.