Bill would eliminate daylight saving time

"Twice a year my sleep schedule gets screwed up for about 3 weeks during daylight savings time,” Councilman Ray Christensen said.

It’s a familiar feeling, springing forward an hour and feeling groggy. Falling back and happily gaining an hour of sleep. But that slight change in your internal clock, or circadian rhythms, can have lasting effects.

"The annual removal of an hour has been linked to more workplace injuries, auto accident and even hinders moral decision making. It’s very scary to me that we could potentially continue the increased risk for several health conditions and accidents when this is something that’s within our power to change,” one testifier said.

A proposal heard in committee by lawmakers Friday would eliminate daylight saving time in Nebraska. Supporters say it’s the health aspect that has them hoping for change.

Many cited studies linking a loss of sleep after daylight savings time to strokes, heart attacks, and car crashes.

"We need to have a very good reason to impose jet lag on the entire society,” another testifier said.

Those against the proposal say it’ll be harmful for the economy in Nebraska. They say recreational activities, like golf, could take a hit.

"From mid march through labor day derives $762,000 in revenue from 4:30 to dark in 2016. Losing an hour of sunlight is estimated to impact not only these gold leagues but twilight golf,” David Hommens, Nebraska Golf Alliance, said.

Some support the idea of losing the time change, but would instead move Nebraska to daylight saving time all year round- meaning more sunlight in the evenings.

One senator on the committee questioned the proposal, saying the issue may be bigger than Nebraska.

If you really feel all these health issues pertain and there’s all this research that says its a bad thing why are we not talking to congress about this instead of trying to change this state by state,” Senator Blood said.

If passed, the changes would go into effect in 2019.

This bill will have to make it out of committee and go to the general floor for debate.