Biocontainment unit head nurse shares story

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

The biocontainment unit in Omaha has garnered national attention with its treatment of Ebola patients.

Tuesday, at the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln monthly panel discussion, Boulter shared the workings of the biocontainment unit and how they avoid spreading the disease.

Biocontainment unit, head nurse, Kate Boulter, said, “We had spent the last 10 years preparing to take care of one of these patients”

The unit sent two patients home, free of Ebola and unfortunately, one life couldn’t be saved.

During those treatments, none of the medical professionals became infected.

Boulter said, “We’re ready, we know what we’re doing and we just have to put all the plans that we had been preparing into action.”

That’s much different than what happened in Texas.

When two nurses contracted the virus after treating an Ebola patient.

This week, one nurse, Nina Pham announced she’s suing the Texas hospital’s parent company because she says she received no training.

The nurse’s attorney, Carla Aldous said, “Nina Pham should not have gotten Ebola, and there needs to be some accountability for that.”

Boulter is proud of her teams work in Omaha and says treating these patients has taught her a lot about life. She said, “their bravery to go over into Africa and treat Ebola under those circumstances, it’s humbling.”

Nebraska medicine is ready to accept another Ebola patient at any point.

They were recently monitoring one person, who ended up not having the virus.