Bioterrorism Drill

What would the Health Department do if a small-pox outbreak ever happened here in the Capitol city? Wednesday, the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department held a drill so they'd be ready if it ever does happen. The goal? Get as many vaccines to as many people as possible to hundreds of volunteers playing a role, from concerned citizens to someone who was down right combative. The scenerio is a small pox outbreak that is sweeping the nation, including the Capitol City. Health Department officials say what's needed is a quick response. In Wednesday's drill, the situation is small pox. The goal, quick vaccinations. Dozens of volunteers get the pretend vaccination for small pox. Hundreds of people file in, waiting for their turn. Health Department officials say, “Our plan calls for 8 clinics, utilizing the high schools here in Lincoln. We would than attempt to vaccinate everyone in four days.” A large task which Wednesday's drill will help make possible. Volunteers made the day as real as possible. Because if small pox ever did hit, they want these guys prepared for the worst. The Health Department holds bioterrorism drills every year. They're hoping to hold another one sometime this fall, and they're always in need of volunteer patients.