Bizarre Parking Spot Shooting

An argument over a parking spot on ended with one man shot on Monday.

It ended with someone getting shot in the elbow.  

But now, we learn two publicly known figures, here in Lincoln, have a connection to the incident.

20 year-old Dustin Nelson was shot in his arm.

He and friend Elizabeth Hershberger came home to find someone in their parking spot.  

After a scuffle, a man pulled out a gun and shot off a round.

Police have since arrested 19 year-old Clay Williams, who lives in the neighborhood of the shooting.   

Hershberger says they first asked two females standing in a group to move the car.

That's when the fight broke out.

In a bizarre twist, according to police, the handgun Williams used to shoot Nelson was actually stolen from former Husker I-back Thunder Collin's home.  

Collin's home was burglarized back in 2004.  

Plus, living right next door to Nelson is Lincoln  former Mayor Don Wesley.

His car window was smashed after Hershberger was thrown into it during the altercation.  

Wesley says the neighborhood is usually very safe and it's a shock to him that anything like this could have occurred.

According to police, Clay Williams is known to have past run-ins with the law.  

He's expected to appear in court this week.