Blender Bike gets students on the fast track to better health

By: Jenn Schanz

There's a new fitness trend brewing, and it brings a whole
new meaning to the word multitasking.

“It was a lot harder, I was like oh riding a bike! But,
hmmm mmmh. I'm like really out of breath,” says Destini Crane. 

The high school junior was one of the many
students who gave the “Blender Bike” a try at the FCCLA State Leadership Conference Monday.

It uses the energy of an aerobic workout to power a blender,
and make a fresh fruit smoothie.

“it was really good, I'm kind of glad I did it,” says Crane. 

It's all part of an effort to get Nebraska's youth on their
feet, and thinking about their food. The Blender Bike is part of the “Eat4–Health” partnership
through UnitedHealthCare and Nebraska 4–H.

“They're a fabulous way to get fit and show kids that
they're earning their smoothie. It's a quick activity, something they can hop
on and in a few minutes they can blend up their smoothie with those fresh
ingredients,” says Jeni Hanselman, Director of Marketing for UnitedHealthCare. 

With a $30,000 dollar grant from UnitedHealthCare, 4–H provides a variety of events and training, all geared toward helping young
people live more healthy lives.

“We're just raising awareness of being physically
active as you grow up and also eating nutritious foods that will help you fuel
your body for that physical activity,” says 4-H Graduate Assistant, Ashlie Smith. 

Not only did students get a chance to blend their smoothies,
they also picked out fresh ingredients, and learned about serving sizes.

And of course, no exercise is complete without a little
friendly competition.