Blowing Snow Causes Dangerous Road Conditions

This weeks Winter weather is still causing big problems for people living in the Lincoln area.

A combination of high winds and blowing snow is causing huge snow drifts which are closing roads all around Lincoln.

Around 80 schools were forced to close their doors.

But, LPS wasn't one of them.   

LPS says in their opinion, the conditions didn't warrant closing down the district.   

For many working parents, news that LPS was open for business was welcome.

The day would carry on normally.   

But, other parents say they wish the decision was made to cancel school.

LPS says late starts are rarely used,  because those extra hours in the morning can sometimes pose a problem for parents who need to be at work and can't leave a child home alone.  

Steve Bussen started his day at midnight, getting ready to plow for twelve hours straight.   

Bussen says he and the other 85 crew members do their best to make driving as easy as possible for people when they wake up.

it's important to note that there are no parking bans in effect at this time.

Public works also plans on keeping the plows going throughout the night and into the morning.

They want to hit the residential areas hard.  

They'll also begin spreading salt and sand to keep the roads from becoming to slick.