Bo Pelini Post Game Quotes

Nebraska Football

Postgame Quotes
#13 Nebraska 24, #9 Michigan State 3

Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011



Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini

On his thoughts on the game

“I thought it was a pretty complete effort by our football team. I'm proud of them. That was a good football team we played today, and I knew it was going to take a complete effort. I thought we got it. I'm proud of the way that defense stepped up today. Like I said, I thought we did a lot of good things in all phases of the game. We weren't perfect by any means, but that was a tremendous effort by our football team and I'm proud of them. We've got a long way to go. We've got a lot out ahead of us. We'll enjoy it today, but it's back to work tomorrow because there's still a lot we can improve upon, obviously.”


On where the defensive jump came from

“I told a bunch of the guys on the sideline and in the locker room, I said when you prepare well, it shows on Saturday. I thought that our guys were locked in this week. I think they're growing, I think their understanding is getting better, and we executed. I'm proud of that group, and I think they saw today what we're capable of doing when we're right, when they play the right way. That's a pretty good football team we played out there today.”


On if he expected the secondary to play so well today

“Yeah. I thought they were locked in practice. I thought they took all the little tips, I thought they put their film time in. I thought they played like a mature group today. They challenged people and played with an attitude, and that's what you gotta do to play great defense.”


On if he emphasized physicality in the offense this week

“Yeah, that's a good front. That front we played is good, and they're active. We knew we were going to be challenged. I thought at times, they went back and forth a little bit. They knocked us off the ball a little bit, and I thought we wore them down a little bit in the second half. I think (Offensive Coordinator) Tim (Beck) would say that we mixed it up pretty good in the second half. I thought we made some adjustments as the game went on. I thought Tim called a really good second half and kept them off balance. Like I said, we have a lot of respect for that defense. That's a good group.”


On how important the pair of long drives in the third quarter were

“It was huge. One thing I know about that defense we played today, they make you earn every yard. Sometimes they helped us with a couple penalties along the way. But I know that was a big part of the game. I thought that for us to be able to use that much clock in the third quarter–that third quarter went quick. I think they only had, really, one possession and about two plays in the third quarter, and we were able to come out of it with a couple score lead. That was big. That changed the game. Not only were we getting points, but we used a lot of clock. I always say it's the best defense when you're standing on the sideline watching your offense play.”


On senior linebacker Lance Thorell's interception

“Huge. I thought it was big, but like I said, Lance took the tips. A lot of games like this, a lot of it comes down to will. That's a chance where two guys have a shot at the football, and he came away with it and made a big play. He stepped up and made a play when he needed to. I thought Lance played a heck of a football game today.”


On if he knew running back Rex Burkhead would go in again so soon after his injury

“Well, if Rex is in the game, it's not a bad choice. Rex, unless he's on crutches, he's going to be out there. He's gonna be out there fighting. Like I said, the guy's a warrior. You can't ask for much more than what he gives this football team.”


On if any one aspect of the defense improved the most

“We executed. We played, we communicated, we made our checks, we were on the same page. The guys took the preparation to the field, and they recognized things. I saw great communication going on out there on the field. I thought we made a big step today as a defense. It was fun to watch.”


On the variety of defensive contributors in the game

“Yeah, we have a lot of moving parts and guys that play different roles. We ask them to learn different things, and it was great to see. Ciante (Evans) got the bulk of reps this week at the nickel, and Ciante went down and (Justin) Blatchford  went in there and competed and we didn't take a step back. That's the way you have to do. Guys are gonna get nicked. That's why you gotta be ready to go. That's why you gotta prepare the right way, and it was pretty evident out there today–the amount of guys that made an impact on that football game.”