Nebraska Post-Game Quotes

Bo Pelini Football Head Coach

On what he told his players after the game

“I said good win. 2-0. I thought we were going to be challenged tonight. I thought it was a good team win, but I also think it's a win that, in all three phases, did some things that obviously didn't help us win the football game. I think all three phases did some things to put us in the situation we were in. Every year, you're going to have some games like this. You're going to have some games where you have to find a way, and we did. There were a couple times early in this football game where it had a chance to go south on us pretty quick, and I think we rose up. I thought defensively, we did a nice job there, especially in the second quarter, when the field position was there. I thought the offense answered the bell in the second half, I thought they played really good football. I think we showed how explosive we can be on offense. I thought Coach (Tim) Beck called a great game in the second half. He put us in the right looks and made great adjustments to what they were doing. I think our coverage teams answered the bell in the second half, because it wasn't good enough in the first half. I think we all took our turns being inconsistent, but you gotta enjoy wins and then you go to work the next day. The process continues for us.”


On what he told his team during halftime

“I said we're going to find out what this football team wants to be. Period.”


On the play of freshman I-back/returner Ameer Abdullah

“I think he showed how explosive of a player he can be. He's a weapon back there, and obviously he did a nice job.”


On if he thought Fresno State would run the ball like they did

“No. I'm obviously disappointed in how we played defensively. Like I said, I thought we did some good things at times, but we all took our turns on that side of the football. Front to back, we didn't play good enough. I think it will be a good wake up call for them. Sometimes you've got to get humbled. It wasn't anything we didn't expect, we just didn't execute, we didn't tackle, we didn't play well defensively. I'm pretty sure we know how to fix that.”


On if he knows what halftime adjustments were ineffective

“They executed better than we did. I mean, it's not magical. You have to make plays, you gotta do what you're being coached to do. Time and time again, we took turns not doing that. That's very uncharacteristic of our guys, and I'm not talking about young guys. I'm talking about guys that have been around here and played a lot of football. We didn't play well, and like I said, I'm pretty sure we know how to get that fixed.”


On how big quarterback Taylor Martinez's final touchdown was

“It was great. I thought it was a great call. Like I said, I thought Coach Beck and the offense did a phenomenal job in the second half. We gave them the opportunities, and our players made plays.”


On the play of the receiving corps

“Like I said, I think you saw how explosive our offense can be. They were getting aggressive, we caught them in some looks where we got our guys in one-on-ones, and you gotta win. They're gonna win some, but I think we showed that if you do that too much, we can hurt you in a hurry. We've got some guys that can get down the field on you.”


On if he's learned to live with Martinez's occasional mistakes because of his big-play abilities

“No, we want him to clean those up, obviously. But no one's perfect. He's only about 15 games in as a starter, he's not gonna play perfect. A lot of people would take what he did. He put a lot of yards up between his throwing and running. I'm glad he was on our team.”


On if the play of the offensive line improved

“Yeah, I thought so, especially in the second half. What'd we rush for today–219 yards? But I saw us moving the ball well in the second half. I thought we had pretty good balance. It's hard, especially early in the game, they had a lot of guys up there. But we made good adjustments, and we played better as the game went on. Does that mean we played perfect up front? No, but I saw improvement, and that's what you look for.”


Sophomore Quarterback Taylor Martinez

On what prompted the offensive differences in the second half:

“The Fresno (State) defense and what we watched on film. They changed everything against us for the option game and the zone read. In the first half they kind of switched everything us and in the second half we caught on to what they were doing.”


On what Fresno State switched up:

“They were just running different coverages and where the free safety was and the strong safety and just different stuff like that.”


On the halftime adjustments and what happened at halftime:

“Well the whole offense got together and explained exactly what they were doing because it's kind of hard to get everyone together on the sidelines and say what they were doing. When we got together at halftime, we exploited what they were doing and we did that in the second half.”



Freshmen I-Back/Returner Ameer Abdullah

On the kickoff return:

“Well we had a couple previous kickoff returns that were almost there. So really, we just protected the blocks and the ways. Everyone did a great job of clearing a hole for me. Coach told me, ‘if you get caught by a kicker, you're going to get kicked off.' So I had to make a move and make a play.”


On being tired at the goal line:

“It was partially fatigue, and I started cramping in my left leg a little bit. But I had to get into the end zone.”


On how big of a play the kickoff return was:

“Well, we had a lot of big plays. I wasn't really doing anything the coaches weren't expecting me to do. But just at that turning point of the game, it was huge. We were up 28-26 and that play came and we had the big mo (momentum) and we took it.”


On how much fun it is having a group of young guys who can all make plays:

“Coach (Tim) Beck puts us in situations where we've got to make plays. When he throws us in, he wouldn't put us in just to be there, so when we get in we know we have to step up to the plate.”


On the changes he saw in the second half:

“We really took it in stride. We didn't see any heads down and everybody was encouraging each other. We knew we had to come out and handle business. The first half was very sloppy and out of character. We came out, took care of business and got the 'W.'”


On what it means to break the school kickoff return record:

“It's a great feeling especially to do it as a freshman in only the second game. I'm very humbled by the situation; 211 yards. I didn't even know I had broken the record. I was just playing. It's a great accomplishment for me.”



Junior Linebacker Will Compton

On how his foot feels:

“It felt alright. There would be some instances when it'd hurt. It's sore right now, but it felt pretty good for the most part. It's coming back. It's a daily process, but a little bit each day it's felt better and better. It held up pretty well.”


On the adjustments the defense has to make going forward:

“They're a good football team. They have a lot of good athletes. They studied up on us pretty good and put us in positions to where we would have to adjust. And we had to make adjustments and we ended up doing that. We fought though a lot of difficult situations especially with field positions. But that wasn't by any means a good performance by us at all.”


On the defense's mindset:

“Keep fighting. There was no head hanging at all at halftime. We were pretty fired up, and we weren't happy with how we were playing. At all. We aren't happy with how we ended up playing, but you got to learn from it and move on. Next week is a new week. They gave us good adjustment and a lot of good stuff to learn from.”