Fairbury woman found dead in flooded basement

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

From the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office:

On Thursday morning the 7th of May 2015 members of the Fairbury Fire Departments attempted to make contact and evacuate Mrs. Betty McMullen 86 year old of rural Fairbury.  Her residence had been surrounded by flood waters.  The firefighters searched and could not locate Mrs. McMullen at the residence  or farmstead.  At that time the basement was completely full of flood water.  The conditions were very treacherous for rescue personnel and the search was suspended until conditions improved.  Rescue personnel returned to the scene between 9pm and 11pm and searched the scene again and Mrs. McMullen was not found. 

On Friday morning the 8th of May rescue personnel returned to the scene and pumped the water from the basement.  Mrs. McMullen was found deceased in the basement.