Body Found In Holmes Lake Identified

Authorities believe the body found Thursday in Lincoln's Holmes Lake is that of 41-year old David Hald of Lincoln. Hald had been living at “Our Homes”, a facility designed for people with medical conditions or developmental disabilities at 25th and R Streets.

His body was found Thursday by City Parks and Recreation workers, making a fish-count in the lake, which is being renovated. Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady said Hald was reported missing January third. Said Casady, “He had been visiting on the previous afternoon, a friend at the Thomasbrook apartments near Holmes lake and had not arrived back at his residence.”

Chief Casady says an autopsy has 'not' revealed an apparent cause of death, but foul-play is 'not' suspected. The water left in Holmes Lake was not likely frozen in early January, but Casady says the body may have been submerged beneath the ice the last few days.