Bomb Explosion in School Parking Lot

An afternoon explosion outside of an elementary school has fire officials warning everyone to be careful with what you play with.

It happened at Arnold Elementary located in Airpark.

What's left of the bomb is a water bottle and some burned tin foil.

Around 4:30 this afternoon a teacher who was still at school heard a loud bang, looked up and saw smoke billowing from the ground.

She called police and fire crews who were quick to respond.

They say they believe the bomb was thrown by someone either walking or driving by.

When this all happened, there were some students inside the building as part of an after school care program.

No students or bystanders were injured in the explosion.

But neighbors who live near the school say they're surprised at what they heard.

“At first I just thought it was maybe the backfire of a car I didn't really think anything I didn't think of anything to big.”

Fire officials say the explosion could have been much worse, especially for the people who mixed the chemicals to make the bomb.

“The device can go off within 30-45 seconds if not a little bit longer or they can go off simultaneously right off in their hands.”

No word on what specific chemicals were used here, or who could be responsible, but Channel 8 was told bombs like this are usually made with things you can find in a grocery store or hardware store.

In speaking with the fire inspector Channel 8 asked how often he has to respond to explosions like this.

His response, “more often than we'd like to.