Bomb threats keep Lincoln Fire and Rescue busy

Posted By: Nicole Cousins

An attempted robbery turned bomb threat sent dozens of officers to the U.S. Bank at 70th and A Street Friday.

It was just one of a slew of similar calls on bomb threats this week.

“We’ve had a few more than normal,” fire inspector Damon Robbins said. “Most of them have been telephonic threats, made over the telephone to a business or 9–1–1 dispatch.”

Robbins said they’ve responded to five or six bomb–type threats this week.

If this trend continues, they would see about 300 threats per year, a more than 400 percent increase than the normal 50 to 60 calls they field in the same amount of time.

But no matter the type of call, they say their response stays the same.

“We perform a risk analysis based on the information,” Robbins said. “As the scene changes we continue with the analysis and that dictates how we proceed and what safety procedures we’re going to need.”

That includes Wednesday’s threats at Target on 48th and O Street and at the Hall of Justice later that night.

It also includes the suspicious package found downtown on the corner of 12th and Q Street that shut off several blocks of traffic.

“Every situation is different; the location, time of day occupancy, number of people involved,” Robbins said.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue are still searching for suspects in most of these cases.

They say every business they responded to this week had a bomb response protocol.

They encourage every business to have one, and if you don’t, call the Bureau of Fire Prevention and they can help you set one up.