Bond Issue

The Lincoln Fire Department is asking tax payers to help improve the city's fire and emergency services with an eight million dollar bond issue. Included in the proposal are new fire stations, equipment, and renovations. Mayor Don Wesely says this is a problem we can no longer ignore, and although the city is in a bit of budget crunch. The Mayor is asking everyone to look at this proposal as a long term project. Right now there are 14 fire stations throughout the city but the north and south side of Lincoln keep growing, which is making it harder for the fire department to ignore the problem.  There are some areas of the city that receive the best response time possible but others don't and we need to bring that level of service to everyone in the community. The Fire Department wants to build two new stations, one on the north side and the other on the south side. That would cost a little mor than 3 million dollars.  But they're also asking for new equipment, and needed renovations to older stations. Bringing the total of the bond issue to 8 million dollars. That means making sure all areas of the city have a response time not only for fire but for emergency needs to be able to get there within 4-6 minutes when possible and again lives are at stake. Chief Spadt says right now they're not meeting their goals in response time and although no lives have been lost because of it, the department strongly feels new stations and updates are needed. The City Council will have to approve the bond issue. If that happens, it will be placed on the ballot in November or in the spring. If approved by the voters, the two new stations will be running in about two years, with new firefighters hired throughout a five year period.