Bontadelli Brings Baseball Alive in the Booth

Posted by: Matt Lothrop

For the past two seasons Drew Bontadelli has brought his host of nicknames to 1240 KFOR's nightly broadcast of the Lincoln Saltdogs.

“I just like to keep it pretty light, like you said keep some humor mixed in there,” Bontadelli said. “I don't like it when broadcasters get too condescending, when they start talking like that can do something better. Obviously I'm in my chair for a reason.”

Bontadelli didn't begin in the booth, but in the stands. With a tape recorder at Cal Poly games, the now 27 –year old Bontadelli created his on air personality by emulating his enemy.

“I hate the dodgers,” Bontadelli said. “I hate everything about the dodgers except for Vin Scully. He was one of the guys I was out there with my recorder trying to imitate. Just looking like a fool, people around me like what are you doing talking into that recorder.”

Bontadelli has taken that humble start to the big stage. The voice of the Saltdogs also works for Compass Media Networks covering college football and basketball.

It's baseball where Bontadelli differs from his peers. He's all alone in the booth, providing both the play–by–play and color commentary.

“When the games get long, when they start kicking the ball in the field and when the games dragging on you know 4 hours and 45 minutes. That's when you want to just throw your headset off and say what am I doing up here,” Bontadelli said.

The Lincoln gig may not be his dream job of covering his hometown San Francisco Giants, but Bontadelli acts like it is saying you never know who is listening.

Once again Bontadelli will be calling some of college football's premiere match-ups this fall. For those that want to hear the voice of the Saltdogs call football games, listen in for Bontadelli on the following games this fall.

September 8 — Oregon State vs. Wisconsin

September 15 — Stanford vs. USC

September 22 — Oklahoma vs. Kansas State

September 30 — Kansas City vs. San Diego (NFL-Studio)

October 5 — Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh

October 7 — San Francisco vs. Buffalo (NFL-Studio)

October 13 — Texas vs. Oklahoma

October 20 — Iowa vs. Penn State

October 27 — Wisconsin vs. Michigan State

November 3 — Oregon State vs. Arizona State

November 10 — Alabama vs. Texas A&M

November 24 — Alabama vs. Auburn