Lincoln ice company doing booming business

By: Stephanie Costanzo

Talk about a cool job to have this time of year. Business is booming for an ice company here in Lincoln. Staying cool is the name of the game at Arctic Glacier Ice– the distributing company in Lincoln has been swamped with hundreds of orders going out each day.

The company ships ice to grocery stores, gas stations and other private contracts like construction sites.  And once the heat starts they don't stop.

“Probably 90% of our sales in the year are 100 days so it's go time around here once Memorial weekend starts through Labor Day weekend,” Rob Graff with Arctic Glacier Ice said.

To put it in perspective for you each day 800-2000 bags of ice in 5 trucks and some of the trucks even come back to refill. That's about 100,000 pounds of ice in just the first truck loads that are shipped out everyday.

Graff says there business always picks about 15-20% in the summer months but this stint of extended heat is unusual.

“We usually get a spell like this every summer so it's nothing different then any other summer it just seems to be holding on this summer it's a couple weeks of really hot weather,” Graff said.