Boutique ribbon cutting

posted by: Laurann Robinson

beyourself, a locally–owned boutique on 14th and Pine Lake shelves all of its clothes without any sizes. The reason, to make women feel more comfortable.

Today a ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the beyourself boutique, but it’s not the store’s grand opening. This location has actually been open for 4 and a half years.

So what’s the point of this ribbon cutting?… To reintroduce themselves as a size-less store.

Svitlana Yadullayeva, a customer says, it makes shopping a little easier. “In a regular store I go from this size to this size because, you never know. Different brand, different size. So it’s kind of nice,” she says.

Store owner, Lindsey Melichar says, instead of using traditional sizes like small, medium, and large, which can become ego–deflators for some women, beyourself labels its sizes using a color chart.

“It was based off of our mission of empowering women and promoting self esteem. Allowing all women, all shapes and sizes of women to shop together. And eliminating the size game,” said Melichar.

And even though this new sizing method is welcomed by customers, it’s not the only reason shoppers like this store.

“I like that it’s a local boutique kind of feel. And also the branding of the whole not worrying about size, just more focused on what fits and what looks great on you. And what works for your personality and your own sense of style,” said Stacy Minear, another store customer.

beyourself also has a sister location in Omaha. The company will be celebrating their 10th year of business there next month.