Nebraska’s bowl bid and business

By: Cole Miller

For the second year in a row, Nebraska will head south to the Sunshine State to play in the Capitol One Bowl. For those who travel to support the Big Red, is it worth it?

That's what a lot of people are asking themselves today and for businesses who thrive on a healthy husker performance, they're taking a big hit.

If you follow Husker football, you know what happened Saturday night.

“There was just something missing and I don't think anybody knows what it was,” UNL Freshman Hannah Gerlich.

Long story short, there will be no roses, no Pasadena. Instead, it's back to Orlando, and this time, against a tough Georgia team that almost made it to the National Championship.

Fans didn't want this, and neither did Paul Glenn at Executive Travel.

“We were up over $1 million in sales expected on the Rose Bowl and now we're probably looking at closer to $90,000 to $100,000,” Glenn said.

Glenn and his team had 4 charter jets ready to head to the Golden State, or 500 people at about $2,500 a pop.

Now, for the Capitol One Bowl, he's expecting maybe 50 people and is working with two other agencies to fill just one jet. Some fans say they don't want to spend a lot of money to possibly sit through another embarrassment.

“At times, your emotions take over and that's going to guide some people's decision on this.”

on the UNL campus, young Huskers remain optimistic.

“I think they'll be motivated. They're going to be practicing real hard. They're going to be doing their best. So, it might be a good game to watch,” UNL Sophomore Trevor Stahlecker said.

But the real question is, “Will people go?” The University Ticket Office says they've sold about 3,200 of an allotted 12,000 tickets.

“I'm kind of thinking I'm going to go! Why not? Support the Huskers wherever you can go!” Gerlech said.

Glenn says many people are still in “recovery mode” and expects things to pick up later in the week. We have about a month now until the Huskers take the field for one last time this season.