“Boxes of Love” for Joplin

Joplin's killer twister was the deadliest in nearly 60 years.  Although it happened back in May, a very special 5th grader here in Lincoln is lending a hand to help all the children recovering from the storm.

For most kids summer is a time to lay back hit the pool or just go out and play– but one Maxey elementary student is spending her summer helping other kids have a better one.  As the news headlines fade away–many may have forgotten about the devastating tornado that hit Joplin only back in May.  But for fifth grade student My'Kah Knowlin there is still a need to help.

“I first got involved because I had saw how many people had been hit by the disaster and I wanted to help and price the tornadoes had hit I realized it was tornado season and I knew I had to go around and help people,” My'Kah Knowlin said.

My'Kah, who is the world's Preteen Miss Nebraska 2011, came up with “Boxes of Love” she went around to local businesses and got donations of everything from toys to toiletries.

Along with some of her pageant girls they stuffed each box with the goodies and will be delivering them in person to kids all over Joplin. My'Kah says although it doesn't seem like much–she's hoping passing out her boxes of love–will help put a smile on another child's face.

“With this little bit there family and themselves will feel better because they have something to call their own,” My'Kah said.

My'Kah and a group of girls leave on Friday morning and will be stopping all around Joplin to hand out their special boxes, almost 200 in total.  She says after this project she hopes to turn boxes of love into a non–profit to help more children of disasters in the future. If you want to help donate, call her mom Sheila at 402-617-6843