Boy holds lemonade stand for cause

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

"Here is your lemonade, thank you, thank you."

With cups of juice in one hand, and cookies in the other, 9–year–old Marty Kahland is having a lemonade stand.

"I have monster and sugar cookies," Marty Kahland, 9-year-old, said.

Despite the rainy day, and a crowded garage, you can find Marty filling up his donation jar, and refilling the lemonade.

So what makes this stand so special?

Marty is going to donate half of what he raises to the Lincoln VA and send all other donations to help disabled veterans.

He says his papa, a Vietnam war veteran, was his inspiration.

"He helped do engines on planes, he was really cool and I like him," Kahland, said.

He did this for him.

"He helped the other veterans serve us and fought for our freedom," Kahland, said.

His customers saw something in Marty that, in light of recent events, the nation needs.

Hope, and faith in those who fight to protect his and our freedom.

"For a 9–year old to understand that, that’s just remarkable," Sharon Gruhn, disabled war veteran’s wife, said.

Sharon Gruhn is a wife of a disabled war veteran, she was happy to support the cause.

Thanks to veterans like Marty’s papa, the freedom to have lemonade stands and sweet treats is possible.

The lemonade stand will open all day tomorrow, if you’d like to show your support.

The stand is at 11511 N 144th Waverly, NE