Boys state basketball continues with semi finals

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Round two of the boys state basketball tournament Friday night and the stakes were high.

Up first in Class B was York and Beatrice. York fans said there's some bad blood between the teams. They were praying for a ticket to the finals more than anything.

“We beat them in the regular season, then they beat us in the district championship, so we're hoping we can get this win and make it to the championship tomorrow,” Taylor Peterson said.

“They're ready to win a championship, I think they've got what it takes,” Taylor Kadaby said. “I think they'll get it done tomorrow.”

Over to the other side of the court, Beatrice fans were anything but quiet. So just how bad did they want a win?

“Oh bad!” Brandon Oltman said.

“Real bad, we're going to win this one good!” Dylan Behrends added.

For those two seniors, cheering on the team with their friends is nothing new. They said they'd expect nothing less than high energy from the student section.

“Yelling with your friends, being hagglers!” Oltman said.

“We've done this for a while now, it'd always good being close to each other,” Behrends said.

Beatrice won 50-41 over York.