Brave Girl Needs Public’s Help To Fight Disease

One brave little Beatrice girl is going through the battle of her life…brain cancer. And now, her family needs your help to get her the only treatment available to her.

About a month ago 6 year old Gracie Schultz was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Her family says despite the tumor she's been doing well. But her rising medical costs have taken a toll.

By all appearances, 6–year old Gracie Schultz is a very happy little girl. She enjoys playing with her friends and spending time with her mother, Jessica. You wouldn't know it, but Gracie is going through the battle of her life.

Just one month ago…Gracie was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Her mom remembers the day when Gracie first started getting headaches, “since Gracie has always been very healthy and has hardly ever complained of a headache. It felt like something was very wrong.”

Doctors told the family that the mass on her brain was inoperable and with chemotherapy and radiation, Gracie had just a 2 percent chance of living another 2 years.

Gracie has been fighting ever since and it's proven costly. Since the battle began, the community has been organizing fundraiser's to help pay for her rising medical costs.

Among them, rubber band bracelets with the words “amazing Gracie” written on them…very fitting words.  Gracie's babysitter Tracy Oliver says, “the way that she can look at life and understand what's going on to her today is…just pretty amazing.”

The fight has been hard on Gracie and her family but they're determined to press forward and to not concentrate on the disease. “Even with all of the health issues that we're going through right now. I just want her to be happy and experience life because life is so wonderful.”

A donation account for Gracie has been set up at First National Bank in Omaha. And several fundraiser's are planned for Gracie all throughout the month of August including the Gracie Schultz Benefit Meal and Raffle on Sunday August 21st and a Poker Run on August 6th. 

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