Brent BonFleur

Brent is from Daytona Beach, FL.  He remembers fondly of going to the beach with his family.  You would think that someone who grew up so close to the ocean would be an accomplished swimmer, but he admits that he just can’t swim.

Brent’s journey into broadcast journalism started when he took a tour of the television station where his aunt worked and he fell in love.  He graduated from the College of Journalism at UNL.  While in school, he interned at WFTV in Orlando, and Channel 8 KLKN-TV.  He was also a four year member of the KRNU sports broadcasting crew.

Brent says he loved going to college in Lincoln because the city is a perfect mix of small town feel and big city amenities.  He adds, “…don’t plan on leaving anytime soon”.  Two things you may not know about him is that he is a world class hula hooper and he has memorized every line from Mr. Doubtfire and Peter Rabbit.
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