Bride left frantic after the Guesthouse Inn Closes

By: Ashley Harding

It's been a few days since the Guesthouse Inn abruptly closed up shop. Now an anxious bride-to-be wonders if it'll reopen in time for her wedding reception in three weeks.

That bride says when she asked about the re-open date, she got the runaround and it's making her paranoid. Well, as it turns out she's not the only concerned bride-to-be.

Another bride said she hasn't been able to get anyone to pick up the phone and now she's wondering what to do about her reception.

In three weeks, Christina Mayer is set to walk down the aisle with her fiance, Ryan. For the reception, the happy couple has booked the Guesthouse Inn. All was going according to plan, until earlier this week when the inn abruptly closed its doors.

She says she's gotten the runaround ever since. “Last I heard, is that they were going to open the doors tomorrow, or yesterday. Then I heard maybe this weekend and now it's May 1st,” said Mayer.

It turns out the company responsible for renting out rooms had money problems and overnight, had to get everyone out.

Leaving some unsure what to do. Among them is bride-to-be, Erika Flowers. Her wedding is in October, and her reception is also booked at the Guesthouse Inn. She says she's called the hotel several times, but has gotten no calls back.

“I'm just afraid of them coming back and being like, no, we're going to be fine. And then me not looking for another place and having them shut down just like they did for her a couple weeks before her wedding. That's what I'm afraid of,” said Flowers.

We eventually were able to speak with the owners of the building. They've declined to speak on camera but they say the doors will re-open on May 1st.

They also say they can be reached by phone on that date, but not before.

But for some, it doesn't make them feel any better. “It's just really, really scary not knowing. I just wish I knew, something.”

I was also told by the owners of the building that if they don't re-open in time for Christina Mayer's wedding, they will reimburse her.