“Bright Lights” Animal Science

Posted By: Nolan Crane


Some “Bright Lights” students are up close and personal with biology. They’re putting on their gloves to dissect and analyze. Here’s Friday, June 26ths “Excellence in Education” report.

These students are doing more than just holding toads and looking at worms and leaches. They’re learning about bones, muscles and other parts of biology as part of a special science class at Lux Middle School this summer. The students also dissected a pigs’ eyeball and had to identify parts like the lens and iris.

“My favorite part was when we dissected the eyeballs. It was really interesting to see the different parts and learn about how they worked,” says Dana Clements.

“We don’t kill any creatures. If you saw in the lab, we have toads in there, I’ve has salamanders and leaches. No bugs get killed, I take them back and put them where they are,” says Stephen Nelsen.

This is just one of many classes students take at “Bright Lights,” which is the non–profit organization’s 14th year of offering classes in Lincoln.