Broken Bow residents cope with fatal accident

By: Ian Hest

It's been several days since a fatal crash in Ansley that claimed the life of three men, but the pain still rocks the small town of Broken Bow.

The accident happened Friday afternoon on Highway 2 in Ansley, when 70-year-old Albert Sherbeck swerved across the center line, colliding with a van carrying the Broken Bow Boys' Basketball Team.

38-year-old Zane Harvey, and 24-year-old Anthony Blum, both coaches, were killed in the crash. Eight players were sent to the hospital. A few days ago we spoke with several Broken Bow students who were clearly still in shock.

“You can never replace somebody. Yeah, they'll find people for the positions, but they will never replace those two guys,” said Senior at Broken Bow, Anne Nariegarner.

“Just trying to wrap our minds around the fact that two of our community members, teachers, coaches, are gone,” said Assistant Athletics Director, Ryan Hogue.

Three days later, the school says only three still remain in Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney. They say, 17-year-old Chad Christensen remains in intensive care in critical condition. 16-year-old Scott Gates suffered several fractures, and 15-year-old Austin Reynolds remains in the hospital with a broken femur and elbow.

“It's just a matter of trying to wrap our heads around it. They're gone and we still have eight students to care for,” said Hogue.

THe school has indefinitely postponed their basketball camp. A 5K and drama camp have also been postponed. Monday evening, a balloon release will take place on the football field at the school. Students and teachers are welcome to write messages on the balloons. A final send-off to two teachers, coaches and friends who were taken too soon.