Bryan Health awarded 90 thousand dollars to local schools today.

Posted By: Jason Taylor

LINCOLN, Neb. This award was the final act of kindness during their summer–long 90th anniversary celebration.

On May 1st of 2016 Bryan Health Launched its 90 Acts of Kindness campaign to celebrate 90 years of providing healthcare to the region. This allowed Bryan employees to surprise community members with generous acts and thanking local non–profit organizations. Kim Russel the CEO of Bryan Health says supporting scholarship programs for future healthcare professionals will help invest in the future needs of the community.

"And so that’s what today’s culmination is, is to help incentivize additional people to select healthcare professional careers." Said Kim Russel, CEO of Bryan Health

This award will go to Lincoln and Crete public schools. And also private schools throughout Lincoln such as Lincoln Christian, Lincoln Lutheran, Pius X, Parkview Christian and college view academy.

Crete superintendent says he figured they may get something but nothing like this.

"When I came here and I was able to see all the people around and see the television cameras I thought it was a little bigger than I had anticipated… The scholarships they brought here for healthcare professionals of the future is a tremendous thing for students who attend Crete Schools." Said Dr. Michael Waters, Superintendent of Crete Public Schools

Others schools also feel this will significantly help them as well.

"We’ve been blessed to have a lot of students choose healthcare for a future profession and I think sometimes the resources are not always as given to make that successful for them. So I just think it opens doors for students." Said Scott Ernstmeyer, Executive Director of Lincoln Lutheran

Again, this was just one of many acts of kindness Bryan health did since May.

Schools receiving donation include:

-College View Academy, $5,000

-Crete Public Schools, $10,000

-Lincoln Christian, $10,000

-Lincoln Lutheran, $10,000

-Lincoln Public Schools, $40,000

-Parkview Christian, $5,000

-Pius X, $10,000