Bryan Health Report

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Pink ribbons are out this month, reminding us of breast cancer awareness, but one local hospital is sending a different message. Bryan Health is providing resources for those who are already fighting the battle.

Sondra Peterson knows the risks and statistics about breast cancer. She knows it’s estimated to affect one in eight women, she just never expected to be one of the eight. "You still don’t think it’s you and then the call comes"

Three months ago, Peterson got the call that changed everything. She has breast cancer. It was an unexpected diagnosis that left her wondering, what now? "I did not know where I was going with it, but I knew it was going to be a whole new road, a whole new chapter.”

For Peterson, the uncertainty did not last long. She found comfort in Joanna Morgan, one of Bryan Health’s nurse navigators.

Nurse navigators is a program designed for experienced nurses to guide patients through an individualized treatment plan.

Morgan knows that the journey can be a difficult one for the patient. “I know that its an incredibly scary time for them and by taking the time and explaining things and answering their questions, they have a great sense of comfort in knowing that their going to get good treatment."

Peterson became Morgan’s priority, coordinating appointments, and providing reliable resources, but most of all she is a support system, offering a hand to hold.

"It was such a comfort such a rock lifted off all the other thoughts and things that you are thinking about when you have such a thing to fight as cancer,” says Peterson.

With the help of Morgan and the nurse navigator program, Peterson found her best option, a partial mastectomy followed by radiation.

Three months later she is winning her fight. Peterson will finsh radiation and should be cancer free this Thanksgiving.