Bryan LGH offers “Sleep Aware” website

If you have trouble sleeping at night or staying awake during the day you might have insomnia or another problem.

Now there's a quick and easy way to find out if it's a big enough problem to see a specialist.

Bryan LGH has an online website called “sleep aware.”

On the website, you can answer 10 to 15 questions about yourself and the symptoms you experience.

When you're finished it will tell you if the symptoms are something to be concerned about and whether you should see someone.

Bryan LGH says about 10 percent of people experience sleep issues.

Deb Bailey, manager of the Bryan LGH Sleep center says, “Snoring really is a sign that something's not quite right and what it means is that you're air passage ways are being blocked off while you're sleeping so that you don't get the proper oxygenation and you may be awakening several times during the night without even knowing it so you never get into the good stages of sleep that helps you feel refreshed in the morning.”

Experts at bryan l-g-h say you shouldn't ignore these symptoms. They say 50 percent of patients with heart problems also have sleep apnea.

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