Bryan LGH Snoring Contest

Does someone's snoring keep you awake at night? People often laugh about snoring, but it can indicate a serious health condition called obstructive sleep apnea.  An overnight sleep study can be the first step toward getting help and a good night's sleep. 

That is why Bryan LGH is holding a snoring contest.  All you have to do is record the snore, and e mail it, or send the tape to Bryan LGH by November 30.

The winner recieves a free evaluation and overnight sleep study.  If sleep apnea is found, treatment will be provided at no charge.

To enter the contest complete the form  at this web site:

You can also mail your snore to:

Department of Sleep Medicine

Bryan LGH Medical Center West

2300 South 16th, Lincoln, NE 68502

If you have any questions you can also call the Bryan LGH Department of Sleep medicine at 402-481-9646