Bryan LGH West Set To Unveil Its New Look

Bryan LGH West is preparing to unveil its new look, after months of renovations. Patients will notice a major difference next time they visit the hospital. From wider doors to rooms with family areas, a patient's stay will now be more comfortable. A major transformation has occured in the intensive care unit, but some things are staying the same, including areas for nurses near the patients' rooms. Employees will now be able to better monitor patients with wider and better lit rooms. With new doors, they can move patients more comfortably. The old ICU had beds up against the walls making it tough to get to the head of the bed. Time was often lost by pulling it out and crawling over chords. But nurses will no longer have to worry, workers installed a new state of the art boom system. There will be an open house at Bryan LGH West on Sunday, November 13. If you would like more information, you visit Bryan's website at