Bryan West holds second annual bariatric reunion

Bryan West held their second annual bariatric reunion on Thursday.

"People I haven’t seen for a while that say, I never recognized you, or hey skinny, I can’t get enough of that. Even yet," said weight loss patient Steve Leffert. 

The event reunites dozens of weight loss surgery patients with the medical staff that cared for them.

After having the procedure last fall, one man I spoke to has lost over 125 pounds.

"I almost bawled the first time I went in to some place and they said hey let me give you something else to wear, and they bring out a shirt and I go, wow this is great! And they’re like, this is an XL, and I go what? Last I knew I was a 2X," said Leffert. 

Guest speaker, Olympic gold medalist Curt Tomasevicz spoke to the group about leaving your comfort zone to achieve great things.

"Every day I had to find a way to kind of face my fear and overcome that type of challenge, and so I think it’s a good way to relate to people, even if they don’t bobsled, but they have challenges, they do have fears, they have a thing they need to overcome every day," said Tomasevicz. 

"I’m not done with it yet, so still learning to be thinner, and trying to enjoy it actually. Learning to enjoy it. When you’re larger you kind of think, this is forever, and I’m still coming to terms with hey I am doing something different and its ok," said Leffert. 

So far this year, Bryan has had 84 new weight loss surgery patients, who have lost over 1,000 pounds combined.