BSDC Patients Moved

On Tuesday two residents of the Beatrice State Developmental Center have been moved into Saint Elizabeth's.

It comes after the governor ordered around 40 people to move out of the center and into hospitals in Lincoln and Omaha.

In total, Saint Elizabeth's will be taking in five patients.  They are considered medically fragile, and while its being mandated by the state, some parents of BSDC residents say Beatrice is where they should stay.

The order comes from Governor Dave Heinemann after four people died at the center in January.

Joan O'Merea has a daughter, Cindy, who's been at BSDC for 40 years and could potentially be moved. “They treat her like she is one of their's, their own family.   And I look upon them as an extended family,” said O'Merea.

Saint E's doesn't know who exactly they'll be getting, but residents with seizure disorders, diabetes and other medical conditions requiring intensive monitoring and care are the ones being moved out of BSDC.

“Caregivers are actually going to be coming over with them to help transfer care.   These are residents who have lived there a very long time so we are very sensitive to whats happening with them being moved and put in a place they aren't familiar with,” said Kim Moore, Saint Elizabeth's VP of Nursing.

Despite the scrutiny, many family members are standing by BSDC.  “You want a place that you know she is going to be taken care of whether i am there or not. Ahd that is what beatrice was to me, and it still is, ” said O'Merea.

Today we talked to the family of Kyle Krutz, one of the patients who died recently at BSDC.

They told us he received exceptional care during his time there, and there was nothing suspicious about his death.