Buffett And Gates Speak With UNL Students

Thousands of UNL students heard from the two richest men in the world Friday. Warren Buffett, who is a UNL alumni, and Bill Gates spoke to students from the College of Business Administration at the Lied Center. The two men, who are each worth more than 40-billion dollars, answered students' questions, giving advice on everything from business to family. Over two thousand tickets were given out, and it didn't look like there was one person who didn't show…the Lied Center was completely packed. People were waiting on the edge of their seats to hear just what these two would have to say. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were a few minutes late, but all was immediately forgotten, the minute they stepped on stage. One hundred students selected by UNL's College of Business Administration were actually able to sit on stage and asked a few interesting questions.  Both men displayed the passion that they have for their work.  Buffett emphasized that each person needed to invest as much in themselves as anything else, and never to dwell on mistakes made. Students were surprised when Buffett said he would define success by those who love you, not by business and money.  Those in attendance said the pair seemed really down to earth. Someone  asked them what other career they might have picked…Bill Gates said he would've been a biologist. Warren Buffett said he was always interested in being a journalist.