Burglars hit Lancaster County homes

Posted By:  Sabrina Ahmed

The sheriff's office says burglars are targeting homes in broad daylight.

Two homes hit.. The front doors kicked in.. And deputies think the cases are related.  One of the homes was near Denton, the other just outside of Lincoln..

Neighbors we talked to say they've always thought the area was safe, but now, they're going to take extra precautions.

One neighbor, who we did not identify, says her daughter is worried about her.

“She said, mom, you need to keep the doors locked.  Whether in or out, just keep them locked… so that's what I will do.”

The other break in was near Southwest 48th and West Van Dorn, just outside the city limits.. A 12–piece sterling silver set was stolen.

Deputies say both incidents were in the middle of the day, and burglars kicked in the front doors.

The owner of the home near Denton told deputies nothing was taken.  They think their dog scared off the burglars.

Their neighbor says her dog was barking more than usual yesterday afternoon.  When she looked outside, no one was in her driveway so she thought nothing of it.

“I think maybe next time he barks I might look around a little more.”

Deputies say it's important to keep an eye out and an ear open.  They say to know what cars your neighbors drive, and when they'll be out of town.

“If something doesn't look right at your neighbors house, please call us because daytime burglaries, especially this time of year and leading up to Christmas, they begin.”

Deputies say the most important thing is to have neighbors watch out for neighbors.  And, if you ever think your house has been burglarized, call the sheriff so the area can be secured.