Burkhead helps Aurora students with class project

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

The hallways are buzzing at Aurora Middle School. Students recently learned some insider information about former husker standout, Rex Burkhead.

Monday Burkhead tweeted out about himself, “…arms to long to be 5’10 tall, hereditary baldness, blue eyes w/ contacts, math wiz, long phalanges, small ears.”

This all started with an annual class project, 10 months ago, the seventh graders were learning about genetics.

They had to ask family and friends about their traits and they also reached out through YouTube to Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel and Rex Burkhead.

No responses from the a-listers, until Monday when it appears, Burkhead discovered the video.

14-year-old, Ben Hahn says, “No one was really expecting it because you know it’d already blown over.”

“To have him all of a sudden pick it up out of nowhere was pretty exciting,” adds science teacher, Mike Stewart.

This wasn’t just a science project. The math teacher, Scott Phillips, gets involved, using the findings to teach statistics. He made the video and posted it, making the news extra special for him.

Phillips says, “So I saw couple kids in the hallway that were in the video and I said, hey did you know Rex Burkhead responded to us and they were just looking at me, like that’s pretty awesome.”

Christian White was in that video. White says, “It’s great to get noticed by celebrities, it gives that little butterfly feeling in my stomach.”

Previous years the schools got responses from Tim Miles, Larry the Cable Guy and Jack Hoffman.

The teachers will do this project again this coming March, they haven’t finalized a list when it comes to who they’ll reach out to but they say there’s a good chance, one of the people will be new head football coach, Mike Riley.

You can also take the classes genetic survey by clicking here.  They’ve received responses from all across the country.