Busiest shopping of the year

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

The day after Christmas is in the top ten busiest shopping days of the year.

December 26th attracts more shoppers than Christmas Eve and most of the days prior to the holiday.

"Well you have to remember there is a lot going on today. First of all a whole lot of gift cards were unwrapped yesterday so that’s a big deal. The second thing is there are a lot of sizes that might need to be changed out so there is a lot of returning and exchanging going on and the other big thing is that this is when a lot of the big clearance sales hit," said Marketing Director Julie Lattimer.

Employees at SouthPointe Pavilions say between the good weather and the sales, Monday has been busy.

"The weekend before Christmas was a really bad weather weekend for everybody, there was a lot of ice. And that typically is the biggest holiday shopping weekend and so we are noticing that with the nice weather there is a lot more activity happening," said Lattimer.

Shoppers say they are relieved the holidays are over and now it’s time to treat themselves.

"We didn’t want to do it before Christmas because we wanted to save all our money for Christmas shopping, but now its not Christmas anymore," said Wendy Mayhew.

Others say they are just taking advantage of the time off and enjoying their day.

"We had a couple returns to do and we thought it would be fun to just get out. And see if there were any good sales," said Hally Sartori and Madison Riedmiller.

Stores were prepped and ready for the after Christmas rush.

"I think the biggest planning that a store can do is making sure to have the right number of associates on the floor so that they can handle whatever the costumer needs,” said Lattimer.

The day after Christmas is just the beginning of the sales, they will continue to run for the rest of the month.