Business steady, despite construction

Some big construction projects this summer are impacting local businesses.

One of the largest projects near 48th and Pioneers. streets in Lincoln is taking about five months to complete.  Traffic on parts of 48th has been blocked off since May.

Channel 8 Eyewitness News wanted to know how businesses in the area are doing with the project on their doorsteps.

“Finishing Touches” has sat on the corner of Prescott and 48th for 28 years.  Construction starts there at Prescott and stretches down 48th to Pioneers.

The city is rebuilding the road, replacing the water main, and adding a center turn lane and a new storm sewer system.

So are the barricades bad for business?

Sande Carpenter works at Finishing Touches says for now, it's been okay.  “We have very loyal customers.  They can still access us from the side street so it hasn't been too bad yet.”

With 48th is closed, the businesses have set up signs so visitors know what side streets to take to get to them.

Project Manager Holly Lionberger says rain has pushed the project back a couple of weeks but it's still slated to finish by the end of September.

She says the project will also add character to the area.  “Decorative lighting, planting beds and benches [are going in].  It is difficult on the businesses when you close the sidewalk right in front of them, but so far, most of the businesses we've worked with have been really positive.”

Sande believes when the project wraps up. business will be even better than before.  “[with] Street signs and lamps and planters, it's going to be a real destination area. “