Cabbie Upset Over Ticket

A 10-dollar parking ticket has a Lincoln cab driver up in arms. It's not that he's upset about the 10 dollars…. but how he got the ticket. It all started Thansgiving night when he went to pick up a college student at a downtown Lincoln bar as part of the “Safe Ride” program. If a student has too much to drink, the school picks up the tab for his or her cab ride back home. Larry Peterson thinks he should have been cut some slack while trying to do that.. He's been driving cabs at night in Lincoln for 9 years. Around 1 a.m. Friday morning he was dispatched to pick up a student at a bar near 14th & “O” Streets. Unable to find a parking-space, he double-parked in front of the bar, and the student got in. A police officer drove by and told him to move his vehicle. Peterson says “When he waited about 3 more minutes for a second student-passenger, with a back-door open, the officer turned around and slapped him with a ticket for impeding traffic. Peterson says other limos are allowed to double-park, beer trucks are allowed to double-park, fed-ex, ups, buses, but yet for some reason, cabs on “O” Street aren't allowed to double-park in order to pick up passengers from the downtown bars.”  Captain Joy Citta with LPD says “The law is consistent, and it doesn't make exceptions for anybody and anyone who is stopped in any lane of traffic and either blocking that lane or interfering with that lane, can certainly be cited for blocking that lane of traffic.” Peterson says “They need to have a cab-stand, or a loading, unloading zone, so that the situation is clear-cut, so it's not enforced haphazardly by the police. Some nights they enforce it, some nights they don't.” LPD says they are willing to work with Peterson, but in  the meantime, he's stuck with the 10-dollar ticket. He plans to plead innocent…if he loses his case, he'll have to pay another $41.50 in court costs.