Can Mosquitos Carrying the West Nile Virus Survive The Cold Weather?

Throughout the winter many types of mosquitos survive. They find shelter in different places like attics and under roads. That includes mosquitos that carry West Nile, and with spring around the corner Nebraska will face another season of uncertainty. Last year alone, Nebraska had around one-hundred and seventy cases of the West Nile Virus and out of those, eight died.

It's important to know, a small number of mosquitoes carrying the virus will survive the winter. The mosquitoes will then have to rebuild their population, and most likely will start passing on the virus to birds and other animals and eventually humans.

Health officials will be keeping a close eye on the mosquito population this summer.. They'll be doing more testing, in more counties. They say once again this year, the biggest threat of the West Nile virus will be in August and September..